Great Ways To Make Money Without Starting A Business

If you are a busy person but you need some extra money on the side then you may have limited options. But today there are so many innovative ways to earn an extra income without having to break the bank and create a new start-up business. If you are struggling however and need some help then here are a few suggestions on easy ways to make money.

Affiliate Marketing

There are so many online shopping websites now, almost too many to count. The fact that there are so many means that they are all in competition with one another and that each customer is looking for a more personal touch. That is where an affiliate marketer comes in. They get straight to the intended audience on a more friendly basis and with each sale they make as a result they receive some sort of a commission..Amazon-Associates


Previously known, as home renovation flipping has become a trend amongst those whom are retired. Flipping refers to buying land or housing that is degraded and renovating it with the purpose of selling it on to make a profit. If you are looking into becoming a home renovator then I have some quick advice for you, plastic as a material will become your best friend, in fact plastic suppliers like Simply Plastics will probably be on the top of your call list.Home-renovation-socal

Social Marketing

If you are young an happen to spend most of your time on social networks then fear not, for you could actually use that to the best of your ability and make some money. Companies that are targeting a younger audience will often look for those of a similar age to their target audience with a high traffic social media account and pay them to advertise their services. It’s a quick and easy way to make money with no skin off your back, after all it just takes a few posts every once in a while.i2S6fEMIFYpo9ZpXEDnmCg9dn3ovhbz5DQvl8gHo6xx8vhgf5Cumz93ulJIG5a0i_rvwLADO9JLwk60J9eU2dwtbYHUcYYdAAap7w-7gZxoqbZOEGo30uLNYDw-1

Representative For A Company

If you are looking for an income in which you don’t have to sit in an office all day this is a great idea for you. You can invest your own money on their products and then sell them at a profit. There are many companies that provide schemes like this with one of the most popular being Avon.shoppingavon


Marketing Oversell

As someone that works with small businesses to improve their presence online and push consumers to their physical location, I’m completely mindful of the necessity to advertise Business to business, Business to customer and general advertising. However I’ve noticed something which has truly started to annoy, irritate, no, drive me insane! It’s the marketing oversell. You know what I am talking about; the onslaught of “Amazing” promotions from the same individual (business) in your e-mail inbox or the continuous mail which falls out of your mail box like a flowing water fall or 6 slippery bats out of hell!

Preaching to The Choir
Alright, so as I said, I truly do realize the necessity to advertise. If we do not advertise our offerings, merchandise or business we’ll very likely pass away as a business, therefore I truly do comprehend the requirement for it. However, seriously! I don’t know what training was taken or who took you to the side and said that the most effective way to advertise to your consumers is to drop as much rubbish on them and mix in some valuable information however stop it!

information overload
As a businessperson, I do not have enough time to look through all that information and I truthfully start to think that I’m being stalked by some crazy salesman. I want helpful Intel and I do not actually know who you’re to believe that you are able to provide what you claim that you are able to. I’m a businessman! Please deal with me like one and not somebody that is searching for a “get rich quick” plan. Essentially, you’re utilizing your entire strategy to market me something which I might actually need however I cannot make it through your message; you’re preaching to the choir on this one and I truly cannot hear you.

You’re Part of The Static
I cannot hear you! Apologies for the dramatics, I simply wished to make a point. I don’t know how many of you have encountered things that I’ve discussed thus far, however if you have not, great for you since it can become very irritating when things like this take place. So, you go to look at your e-mail and there’s an e-mail from the same person who e-mailed you yesterday regarding their merchandise and today is the “LAST DAY” for you to benefit from their good deal.

And you go through the remainder of your mailbox and there are a minimum of 6 to 10 similar e-mails with similar subject line nearly. Listen, if you’re reading this article and you realize that you’re responsible for carrying this out, I want you to listen closely; I’m not angry at you, it’s not your mistake – I blame the one who trained you 1990s or early 2000s advertising methods. Listen, I want you to realize some things which will significantly enhance your conversation rate and perhaps get you some repeat consumers.

To be continued…