Top 5 Education Magazines

We are in an era where technology plays a very big part in the learning of children in school. Education has adapted to the changing world where everything is done through the computer, Internet and all other advancements in order to cope up with all the modernization in every aspect of life. However, we may also find traditional methods still being kept in practice: Bulletin boards, Education Magazines from Forum Business Media and school papers.

Schools provide education magazines so that students may be able to learn things aside from what the teachers impart in their classrooms. The information given by these magazines are relevant to the enhancement of the students┬┤ knowledge about the world and beyond. Here is a list of the top 5 Education Magazine today:

  1. National Geographic

If you are looking for a source of information about the world and its people, and how they deal with the changing universe and man’s contribution in it National Geographic Magazine is the right choice for you. Each release conveys rich articles written by some of today’s bright journalists accompanied by lovely and stunning photographs by world-best photographers, taken in various places in Earth to augment the interest and knowledge of each readers. This education magazine gives an opportunity to the readers to experience and encounter an enthralling place, people, places, animals, and environments rarely seen by most people.

  1. Mental Floss

Are you into challenges, mind games, quizzes or trivia that would make your brain work harder that normal? Mental Floss is the best magazine for you. Mental floss is a fun way to a complete education. Filled with details and trivia presented in an engaging, entertaining and comprehensible style, this education magazine keeps people up-to-date about almost everything under the sun in a exciting, enjoyable and eccentric approach.

  1. Scientific American

Are you into the world of Science and are fans of scientists and experts? Are you the ones who are excited about new discoveries and inventions made by Nobel laureates? The Scientific American magazine is a very nice fit for your taste. This magazine encompasses a wide range of knowledge including different fields like medicine, technology, energy, and environment, business, among many others. Scientific American Magazine offers all the significant info on how the modern developments are applied to industry, the professions, and public policy.

  1. Smithsonian

Are you into Science and History and is interested in natural and hard sciences? The Smithsonian Magazine, which is the authorized publication of the Smithsonian Institute, is likely what you are looking for. It is aimed for intelligent readers who are looking for mind-stimulating articles; this prized publication talks about art, history, the physical sciences, anthropology, technology, the environment, popular culture, theater, and beyond!

  1. ADDitude

Do you know someone or have a family member with AD/HD? Are you interested to know all first-hand developments, outstanding people, treatments, and information concerning attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder, which are nationally known disease? ADDitude is the one for your needs. This magazine offers information and motivation to adults and families living with AD/HD. It also contains information about health, education, nutrition, parenting, organization, and lifestyle tips and resources.

There you have it! After knowing the top 5 education magazines available today, we now have the idea on what to buy and about what they are written for. Now, it is easier to choose the type of magazine that fits our needs.

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