Member of Parliament for Mid Worcestershire ..
Opposition Whip ..
Tel: 01905 763952 ..
Email: [email protected] .

Welcome to my website.

This website should answer most of the questions you may have about me and
about my work as MP for Mid Worcestershire. I hope the links to other sites
will also help you learn more about the political process.

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The buttons on the right should explain themselves – every Press Release I
issue is posted here as soon as I release it.

Links to all my speeches in the Commons can be found from the House of Commons button.

Under the Westminster Report button you will find the current edition of my
constituency newspaper that I aim to publish once a year. It now features the 2005 edition, due to be distributed in early February.

My most recent Annual Report to constituents was published in September 2004. The button on the right will take you straight to it.

Please let me know what you think of this website – it is intended to help and inform you and I would welcome suggestions for improvements.

Click here to contact me.

Happy browsing