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Every MP is different. We all approach our work in a different way. But we are all still, to a greater or lesser extent, in awe of the Chamber of the House of Commons. Speaking there is a great privilege. It is the Mother of Parliaments. Its founder, Simon de Montfort, was killed in my constituency, at the Battle of Evesham, in 1265.

From this page you can visit the House of Commons web site and explore it for yourself.

I sometimes joke that the best way to keep a secret is to make a speech about it in the House of Commons. Now that national newspapers don’t report what happens there – except for question time – and now that the BBC has reduced its coverage of parliament, it is difficult to know what your representatives are saying. What you can do from here, then, is link directly to some of my recent speeches and questions.

If you want to know what other MPs have said, or examine all the views I have expressed in the chamber, or see what Early Day Motions I’ve signed, you can access the full search facilities from the Commons home page.